I work as an independent data scientist, visualization designer and developer to help people, organisations and businesses build bespoke, intuitive and engaging data displays and stories. I like to design insights to fit the human eye rather than the spreadsheet grid.

What I do and like

I analyse and model data followed by the design and development of interactive visualisations. I like to make explorable things like The Tree of Charts, explanatory displays like Film money, structured dashboards like The Worldbank Data Interface or other things. I don't write enough but then, I sometimes do here or on freecodecamp at medium


How to work with me

It's incredibly easy to get in touch via,
+44 7907 582 011 in the UK or +49 176 611 64337 in Germany


Some of my recent projects...

Film money

A visual story about film success and failure

Winter Olympics

An interactive data journey through all Winter Olympics

66 Kinos

Force directed interactions for the German cinema-scape

Tree of charts

A visual search engine for charts helping people to analyse and visualise their data

Worldbank data interface

The worldbank data interface visualises a significant chunk of the rather deep worldbank data corpus. The visuals focus on a comparison between country-sets of different development levels.

Worldbank scatter

Scatterplots in the wild are often friendly to bar charts by their side

Potential Customer Analysis

How to apply a supervised learning algorithm to find new customers

Chart builder

A graph picking interface somewhere in between exploring and explaining


A game for 4-400 year olds.


The world in shreds

Game Stat Board

A simple game stats board with lollipops