My name is Lars Verspohl · I analyse and visualise data to engage, inform and explain

Things I do...

Data stories · Exploratory interactives · Visual design · Humane Interfaces · Visualization engineering · Data tools · Training · Supervised and unsupervised statistical learning · Predictive modelling · Text analysis · Segmentation · Data shaping · Descriptives

How did I get here?

Scraping it all together, I spent the better part of the past 15 years in the deep end of the data-pond — most recently as Head of Research for MTG, a broadcaster turned digital media company. Our team turned survey, customer and media usage data into actionable insights as they say. Shaping and modelling the data preceded insight design with static and interactive visualisations.

What I do and like in detail

I often analyse the data but always visualise it.

For a standard project I dive into data at hands to understand, profile and model it. All very much informed by who will want to make sense of the data and what the overall objective is. Next, I give the data a shape to play with in the form of interactive data visualisations. There are some advantages to this...

  1. I can be as expressive as possible in the design
  2. The visuals can be bespoke to answer the very questions asked (or pose new questions of interest)
  3. and they can be accessible to anyone from (nearly) anywhere

Some simple principles I follow...

Analyse insight-centric... The analysis can be descriptive or advanced in the form of supervised or unsupervised learning. Often a few models and approaches are best chained in sequence. But whatever data comes along it needs to convey a new or different perspective to the user.

Visualise audience-centric... The visualisation always aims to be (1) engaging (2) informing and (3) intuitive. At the core is a good script and considerate design. The script defines the key insights and the story to tell. The design adapts to the user and the objective.

Some previous projects include...